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TSS — Unity3D plugin

Plugin for Unity – quick and visual animating based on tweens.


  • Simple and friendly user interface for quick animating;
  • Components support: Transform, RectTransform, ​ CanvasGroup, Image, RawImage, Text, TSSGradient, Button, Collider, AudioSource, VideoPlayer, Light;
  • Possible animating: position, rotation and scaling, color and transparence, image fill, text, number, volume of sound, light, action radius, characteristics of material;
  • Timeline for quick animating and sequences editing;
  • Adjustable inheritance (from forefather to offspring);
  • 40 built-in eases, custom eases support;
  • Various tweens for opening and closing objects;
  • Path module sets objects movement trajectory;
  • State machine module lets to group all the objects with tweens control their state;
  • Adjustable updating mode and time scale ignoring for each object;
  • Loops support;
  • Control of components AudioSource and VideoPlayer;
  • UnityEvent support;
  • Save and load all object parameters to profile asset;
  • Built-in examples with using of plugin abilities.
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